Trauma Touch Therapy (TTT) is for anyone who has experienced a physical or emotional trauma such as:

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Numbness or disconnection due to addiction, weight/food/body issues, and chronic dieting

  • Physical or sexual assault

  • Verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, or sexual abuse

  • Surgery

  • A physical trauma or accident

Some of the benefits of Trauma Touch Therapy are:

  • The ability to experience larger and fuller states of feeling without getting overwhelmed

  • The ability to experience the body more fully without dissociating

  • Recognize and befriend the body’s natural resources

  • Develop and deepen the ability to stay present

What to expect

  • TTT is always done fully clothed.

  • It is not traditional massage, although some massage equipment may be used during sessions (bolsters, pillows, etc.)

  • TTT can be done sitting in chairs, or lying on the floor or massage table, or in a position most comfortable to you

  • Sessions are 75-90 minutes in length

  • TTT is not talk therapy, although there is some talking

  • Sessions progress at your own pace and are primarily focused on building trust, a sense of safety, and on learning how to communicate with your body

  • TTT is a series of ten sessions, and each session builds on the last

  • The tools used to explore sensation are breath, movement, touch, and play

  • Touch is intentional, done only with permission, and is typically nothing more than a simple holding of a spot or application of a weighted pad, for example

  • Each session ends with 10-15 minutes of integration, done while walking.


Ten required 75-90 minute prepaid sessions $950

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