Trauma Relief Massage and Bodywork


About Me

I'm Audrey. My mission is pretty simple: To help you access the connection to your body and find relief from ongoing physical effects of trauma.

My own history of trauma lead me to learn as much as I could about how it’s stored in our bodies and can cause a host of physical symptoms like sleep disturbances, a fear of touch, weight, food and body size issues, chronic unexplained pain, stress-related illness, and other symptoms you may never have connected to a past or ongoing trauma.

I have intensive and specialized training in massage and bodywork for trauma but if you’re not quite ready to explore the connection between what happened and what’s happening in your body – and that’s ok! - you’ll still receive a damn good massage from a skilled, compassionate, and body-positive therapist.

When I’m not in my studio I love spending time with my adult kids in far-flung cities, reading, time with friends, and watching documentaries and trashy reality TV.